Yorkville Sound’s Paraline Series delivers the clarity and precision of a complex line array system in a compact, user friendly format. Ideal for mobile PA applications in venues where access to complex trussing or roof hangs isn’t practical, the Yorkville PSA1 cabinet mounts quickly and securely on a typical speaker stand. Innovative dual position stand mount offers two potential cabinet angles for expanded setup options. Up to two PSA1 cabinets can be stacked safely and securely on a single traditional stand.

You can simply direct-connect to the mixer or program source, set the system levels, and the Paraline rig is ready for the show. Highly efficient amplifier design means each PSA1 draws less than 3 amperes in typical operation meaning up to four cabinets can operate on standard 15 amp service. This allows efficient setup minimizing the need for multiple extension cables and house circuits often needed for an active PA setup.

See our individual Paraline Line-Array< components here.


Great for DJ gig setup in corner of hotel ballroom.

Paraline Package 1

$81 / Weekend Rate

PSA1 + PSA1S with Teletube

DIGITAL PARALINE (live band setup)

Great for live band setup in 200 – 300 person venue.

Paraline Package 2

$162 / Weekend Rate

(2) PSA1 + (2) PSA1S with Telescope tubes

(outdoor show)

Great for outdoor show for 500+ people.

Paraline Package 3

$250 / Weekend Rate

(4) PSA1 + (2) PSA2S Subwoofers with Teletubes

DIGITAL PARALINE (outdoor festival)

Great for outdoor festival for 500+ people.

Paraline Package 4

$322 / Weekend Rate

(4) PSA1 + (4) PSA1S with Teletubes

Add Front Fill for Big Stages with (2) LS801P’s & (2) E10P’s for $106