Reserve Your Gear at Our Music Supply Stores in Austin

Our music supply stores in Austin have the largest and the best quality sound and production rental inventory in the Southwest, so there is really no need to reserve. With our convenient and affordable weekend rental rate, you can come in Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday and pick up what you want. You can even keep it until Monday. We’ve got what you need!

If you wish to place a hold, we make Reservations up to 60 days in advance. We recommend our Sample Packages that can be customized especially for you. Be sure and ask about our lighting, too! The rental fee is the weekend rate and you pay a small reservation fee. To make a reservation, you will need to set up a rental account in our store, and we can personally consult with you.

Come on in, or fill out the form below and let us help you get started planning exactly what you need for your event.


For 25 years we have been serving the Austin community to make sure that your events happen seamlessly and with the best equipment and sound available anywhere. We take pride in making sure your event is a success by having a personal connection with our customers. Our service is our specialty! You can always count on us.