Boss MO-2 Overtone Generator Pedal

Currently On Sale! $100

Key Features:

  • Unique tone pedal for your guitar
  • Add overtones to your guitar for a huge sound
  • Stereo outputs for feeding two amps
  • High-tech insides with an easy-to-use control panel
  • Rolands innovative Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) analyzes audio signals in many dimensions and applies ideal effects to each
  • Three different modes offer diverse tone-shaping options, while the DETUNE knob unlocks a wide range of impressive modulation effects
  • From shimmery multi-string resonance to flute-like transparency to powerful textures reminiscent of organs and synths, the MO-2 brings you an array of unique sonic tools that add all-new dynamic resonance characteristics to your guitar
  • Works well with clean or distorted tones!