Electroharmonix SLAMMI Polyphonic Pitch Shitfer/Harmony Pedal

Currently On Sale! $75

Key Features:

  • No Moving Parts Pitch Shifter Foot Controller
  • Slammi revolutionizes footcontrolled pitch shifting
  • Threeoctave polyphonic dive bombs
  • "Smooth as silk" pitch shifting, fixed interval harmonies and bends plus much more
  • Advanced new algorithm that sounds great and provides glitchfree tracking
  • Up to threeoctave maximum bend
  • Create harmonies by mixing your dry signal with the effect
  • MAX BEND Control acts as an 11way switch to set the maximum bend/interval. Choose Detune, ½ Step, Major 2nd, Major 3rd, Perfect 4th, Perfect 5th, Major 6th, Minor 7th, 1 Octaves, 2 Octaves or 3 Octaves/Dive Bomb
  • Precision control that lets you smoothly sweep your guitar’s pitch up or down
  • Sweep direction can be reversed so maximum pitch bend is in the heeldown position

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