Adam F7 7" 2 Way Active Nearfield Monitor

Last Pair! $380/Pair

Key Features:

  • The perfect solution for smaller home studios that need professional monitoring!
  • The F models feature a newly designed version of ADAM' highly acclaimed ART tweeter. Slightly smaller than the X-ART tweeter, it is the next step in this continuous evolution in tweeter design.
  • As the name suggests, the F7 sports a 7 inch woofer made from carbon and paper and a 25mm voice coil. Despite the size of both the woofer as well as the cabinet, the F7 is capable of an astounding deep yet tight bass response.
  • Several controls to adjust the monitors to the environment are located on the rear panel: two room EQ' for both the high (>5kHz) and the low (<300Hz) frequencies as well as a volume knob (-ˆž to 6dB).