GrooveTubes SUPRE Stereo Microphone and Instrument Preamp with Variable Impedence

$40 / Weekend $85 / Month

Key Features

  • Two-channel stereo microphone and instrument preamplifier that uses a high resolution tube signal path for legendary Groove Tubes tone and response
  • Features variable transformer impedance settings on each channel (300/600/1200 ohms), with 4 high quality Nickel core input and output transformers
  • Preamp provides a hefty 72dB of gain on each channel, using 4 specially selected GT pentode/triode dual element vacuum tubes (2xGT6922 dual triodes and 2x GT6CH8 pentode/triode tubes)
  • Designed for both tracking and stereo mastering, the SuPRE implements precision and closely matched components to ensure perfect stereo imaging
  • Packs in a lot of control features while remaining cleanly laid-out and easy to use
  • An input selector selects between rear panel Line or Mic inputs
  • Front panel Instrument input automatically overrides the rear panel jacks when an instrument is inserted
  • 3-position attenuation switch drops mic levels, selectable at 0dB, 15dB and 30dB
  • Dedicated switches for Polarity Reverse and 75Hz Hi-Pass Filtering are provided
  • +48V phantom power is available individually on each channel
  • Two large custom VU meters, each with individually adjustable range control, allow for 0Vu line-up with virtually any outboard gear
  • Large custom rotary variable attenuators control gain over the available 72dB range