BPMC FRITZDECONTROL Glitch Video Color Processing

$19 / Weekend $42 / Month

From BPMC Glitch Art Manufacturers:

The Fritz Decontroller is best known for producing stability-challenged illustrative looks & gritty granulated low fidelity video effects. It has a very bold aesthetic and covers a vast expanse of visual territory. A number of looks strongly resemble the Fairlight CVI or the Amiga 2500’s solarize and chroma effects (with a little extra dash of pixel rot). It is capable of posterize effects, weird color inversions, hyper neon goodness, tracer effects, color/static fill effects & a varying degrees of edge feedback (ringing). Each knob effect stands on it’s own, but upon combining any of the sixteen effects knobs you get a much wider range of broken looks. While the top 12 knobs tap into the digital color processing the bottom 4 knobs produce various unique analog fx.