BPMC PREMIUMCABLE Glitch Video FX Processor

$14 / Weekend $31 / Month

From BPMC Glitch Art Manufacturers:

The Premium Cable is a custom modified analog glitch swiss army knife capable of sync corruptions, ringing/edge feedback, neon outline effects & rich blur effects. It is a glitch video utility that covers a lot of ground. Each knob stands on it’s own as a unique effect with some more subtle than others. However, combining knobs reveals a whole wild and whacky world of broken beauty. Some of my favorite effects are buried pretty deep in there including some of grittiest ringing you’ll find in BPMC-land. You’ll also find that the Premium Cable works well as a mixer feedback processing tool.
Whether you are just getting started in hardware based glitch video or are looking for a new tool to spice things up the Premium Cable does not disappoint. Each Premium Cable is hand-modified & self-hacked with care. I do my best to keep the Premium as uniform as possible but each Cable is it’s own unique machine.