BPMC TOUCHAVE3 Hands On Digital Video Corruption

$24 / Weekend $52 / Month

From BPMC Glitch Art Manufacturers:

The BPMC Touch is an expressive multi-faceted glitch art tool. I know I speak highly of this thing, but even after all these years I still find it easy to geek out on it for hours. Using your fingers you have the ability to shape, distort, corrupt, fragment and obliterate a video signal in to shimmering fragments of TV dust. It has 16 body contacts (8 sets) producing a total of 8 effects that can be stacked on top of one another, thus composing new looks/effects. You can also select between handmade brass tap keys or brushed aluminum knobs that function in two manners. With an audio signal they can cue an audio impulse based glitch effect (and can be pressed in conjunction with one another for more looks). And without audio you can think of them as points on a patchbay. The difference between the two being that you can vary resistance between points with the knob interface.