Orange CR120H 120w Guitar Amplifier Head

$11/Weekend $24/Month

Key Features

  • 120W, 2-channel solid-state amp head
  • Vintage-inspired Clean channel ranges from sparkling chime to a bluesy crunch
  • Rockerverb-based Dirty channel yields everything from classic hard rock punch to ultra-high-gain metal distortion
  • Clean channel boasts Volume and a 2-band EQ
  • Dirty channel includes Volume, Gain, and a 3-band EQ
  • Global Master Volume enables you to dial down your overall output without sacrificing gain
  • Fully buffered, low-impedance effects loop makes integrating your pedalboard a breeze
  • 3 built-in digital reverbs — Spring, Hall, and Plate — add a warm, 3-dimensional spaciousness to your playing
  • Analog dry-through design maintains every ounce of your guitar’s tone when reverb is deployed