Moog 500-DELAY 500 Series Analog Delay

$25 / Weekend $54 / Month

Key Features:

  • 100% Analog Delay 500 Series Module
  • 35-800ms Analog Delay Time
  • 0.5x/1.0x Time and Filter Switch
  • 30dB of Input Drive and Output Gain
  • Assignable 1/4" Tap Tempo and CV input
  • 6 Waveshape LFO
  • 4 NOS Panasonic Low-Noise High-Voltage BBDs
  • TI/Burr Brown OPA1644 Op amps used throughout the analog signal path
  • "Metalized Polyphenylene-Sulphide" Film capacitors in the filter section
  • 2 Dual Moog 6th order filters for anti-alias and clock removal functions
  • Ultra-fast, low-noise linear power supply regulators for the lowest noise possible
  • Low-noise and fast transient response linear regulators and voltage isolation networks
  • Low-noise and low-distortion gain and mixing sections with less coloration and distortion in the gain and mixing sections
  • Assignable CV buss