The "Go-To" Party Package: The EXM-400 Portable PA System.

By William Glosup for Rock N Roll Rentals



Yorkville Sound's EXM400 has been making Party PA dreams come true since it's release...

It is portable, powerful, convenient and extremely lightweight. It's layout and design make it an incredible PA for just about every application imagineable, including: house parties, weddings, conferences, solo performances, block parties, church services/retreats, film audio playback and just about everything else under the sun.

The EXM400 has become so popular with our customers and community, that we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the features that have made it our "Go-To" Party Package.


One of the best things about the EXM400 PA is that it is incredible flexible, in how you can set it up, and what it can be used for. The most popular configuration of setting up the EXM400 is to use it as a standalone unit. This is the most popular configuration because it comes with a speaker pole that runs both audio and power from the subwoofers to the satellite speakers, so no speaker cables are necessary! With this configuration, you simply slide the speaker pole into the subwoofer, stack the satellite speakers on top, plug it in, and it is ready to go! The speakers have impressively wide dispersion, and while this PA looks small, it sounds huge!


While using it as a standalone unit is the most popular configuration, it is far from the only way to use it! You can custom tailor this PA to your needs, by attaching either of the satellite speakers to a microphone stand. Want to use the standalone set up AND satellite speakers?? Just ask to rent two additional satellite speakers, and you can spread some more sound around!

Beyond it's versatility in set-up, our favorite thing about this PA is how flexible it is in application. The mixer is built in to the subwoofer, and includes two mic/instrument inputs (perfect for a solo performer, or two singers/speakers!), as well as a stereo input channel (great for DJs), and a Bluetooth/AUX input! If you are renting the EXM400 for a house party to play music, just set up the speakers and connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth channel to get the party going! You can get crystal clear sound with huge bass sound set up in just about two minutes!

The EXM-400 comes with a bag that holds the speakers, poles and any necessary cables, and the subwoofer has a nice handle attached, so you won't be making more than one trip to the car. Additionally, this PA breaks down so efficently that it can fit in the passenger seat floorboard of your car.

Rent the "Go-To" Party PA for only: $27 / weekend or $60 / month

See a video outlining all the great features of the EXM400 right here!


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