Want to Rent Sound and Lighting Equipment?

Rock N Roll Rentals is Here to Help! Here's A Quick Guide of How to Get Started:

1) Planning Your Rental: Best Times of the Week to Start an Account and Pick-Up Your Rental

Got an event coming up that you need to rent equipment for?

Come in to our stores during the week to rent equipment.

No Reservations Needed! We have a HUGE Inventory of Sound & Lighting Equipment, and are always in stock...(even during SXSW)

We recommend picking up on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for your weekend rental. We do not charge a daily rate: we use a flat “weekend rateto give you the flexibility of picking up during the week to return the following Monday.
This allows for ample time to come in, start an account, get a consultation the equipment you need, and set-up/test the equipment, ensuring that your rental and event are a success.


2) Set-up Your Rental Account

Setting up your rental account is quick and easy, and we are here to help. Come into one of stores and we will assist you with starting your Rental Account. 

For more information on starting an account and what we require, check out our FAQ's page

3) Making Your Rental

Browse our Event Packages to get a sense of the equipment you would like a rent, and then our staff will assist you in customizing your rental to your specific needs.

Pick up and return at either our North or South Austin locations!  Both of our stores are well stocked and staffed to help you get the equipment you need.

After your rental consultation, we will get the equipment together for you, and instruct you on how to set-up. Make sure to go over your equipment and ask us any questions you have while you are making your rental so we can be as much help as possible! 

Ready To Rent?

Browse our event packages below!