SXSW 2019 FAQ and Info

SXSW 2019: We're Gearing Up To Gear You Up

SXSW Interactive | March 8-12, 2019
SXSW Film & SXSW Comedy | March 8-16, 2019
SXSW Music | March 12-17, 2019
SXSW Comedy | March 8-16, 2019

Local Renters:

Beginning February 13th, come into one of our two locations to complete or update your rental application.  We will discuss your event and gear needs, and will design a custom rental template to make sure we can get what you need when the busy festival starts.  With two Fully Stocked stores, we will be able to outfit you with the music, sound and lighting equipment you need. We have the most inventory and selection in town and have been growing with SXSW and Austin since 1989. 

Coming into Town for SXSW?

Starting Tuesday of the week you need equipment, come by one of our stores with your driver’s license (or passport) and credit card prepared to authorize a refundable security deposit for the value of the gear rented.  Be sure to let your credit card provider know you’ll be traveling out of town and using your card in Austin, Texas. If billing is being handled on a card other than your own, visit our website and have your credit card authorization form ready.


  • What is SXSW?  SXSW is an exciting time of year when we see a lot of new people including musicians from all over the world. It is our goal to help out as many people as possible, and we have been able to accommodate locals and visitors alike every year! 
  • I am from out of town, can I reserve equipment for SXSW?   You must be present at one of our locations to rent equipment, and we will begin renting for SXSW on the Tuesday of each week. Be prepared to authorize the value of the equipment rented on a credit card (in the name of the person renting, or using a credit card authorization form). We have plenty of gear, and will have stock on most items throughout the week. HINT: To expedite the process, please inform your credit card company about your location and intent to authorize a large amount to be held on your card.
  • What do I need to rent gear from Rock N Roll Rentals? If you are local, just a drivers license.  A credit or debit card in your name on file helps to keep deposits low.   If you are coming from out of town, we will need to authorize the value of equipment rented on a credit card in the name of the person renting, or if the card holder is not present, we encourage you to have a credit card authorization form ready.
  • I’m the manager of a band playing SXSW. Here is the list of what they need for back line… How much? You can refer to our pricing online and the "Weekend Rate" refers to a flat rate from Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday until the following Monday. Back line is in high demand during SXSW, and specific pieces of gear (e.g. Fender Twin Reverb) may not be available, but we will have plenty of comparable equipment in stock. We rarely run out of entire categories of equipment, like guitar amps, bass amps or microphones.

SXSW Helpful Hints

Come in before the festival begins (starting Feb 13th) to check on your rental account and create a list of gear you need.  This will allow us to advise you on things we can / can't  provide, as well as discuss potential security deposits.

Check out Live Band Systems, Drums, Guitars, Keyboards/Synths, Amplifiers, and Microphones to see what we rent and for how little!

Rentals for full PA systems will receive priority backline including drums, back lines, mics and mixers.

Most showcases will have back line because of quick set changes, so, as a musician, you should not have to bring back line to most events.

Remember to have fun.  It's all about celebrating music, comedy, technology and film!