Roli Rise25 USB MIDI Keyboard Contoller and Synthesizer with 5D Touch Keybed (RISE25)


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Key Features:

  • 25-note USB Keyboard Controller and Synthesizer, with 5D touch keybed & Polyphonic Aftertouch/Pitch Bend
  • Keywave playing surface has unprecedented expressive potential
  • Polyphonic pitch bend and aftertouch enhance any performance
  • Slide notes just as with a ribbon controller
  • Comes with Equator synthesizer designed specifically for Seaboard
  • Keywave playing surface allows you to slide between notes and use unique playing techniques
  • Supports wireless MIDI via Bluetooth
  • Supports polyphonic pitch bend and aftertouch
  • Control pedal input offers even more expressive potential
  • Reassuringly rugged with all-metal construction