DJ Party Packages

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DJ/Party Package #1
House Party

$45 - $90/weekend

Up to 50 people

Best used for house parties, pool parties, and tailgates. Supports Bluetooth!

House Party I
(1 All-in-one system)

House Party II
(2 All-in-one systems)

DJ/Party Package #2:
Bluetooth Party

$67 - $147/weekend

Up to 100 people

Best used for medium sized venues, backyard parties & weddings.

Bluetooth Party I (2 speakers)

Bluetooth Party II
(2 speakers + 1 sub)

Bluetooth Party III
(2 speakers + 2 subs)

DJ/Party Package #3
Classic DJ

$75 - $149/weekend

Up to 100 people

Most popular! Best used for professional gigs, weddings, or blowing your friends away with PRO SOUND!

Classic DJ I
(2 speakers)

Classic DJ II
(2 speakers + 1 sub)

Classic DJ III
(2 speakers + 2 subs)

DJ/Party Package #4:
Venue DJ

$95 - $218/weekend

Up to 250 people

Best used for warehouse parties, quinceaneras, or outdoor events. Throws sound far distances!

Venue DJ I
(2 speakers)

Venue DJ II
(2 speakers + 1 sub)

Venue DJ III
(2 speakers + 2 subs)

DJ/Party Package #5
Line Array DJ

$108 - $209/weekend

Up to 300 people

Maximum line array performance in a compact user friendly format! Perfect for the DJ that wants to look and sound BIG!

Line Array DJ I
(1 speaker + 1 sub)

Line Array DJ II
(2 speakers + 2 subs)

DJ/Party Package #6
Bedroom DJ

$43 - $58/weekend

Hone your skills at home so you can DJ the next party! De-stress from your day with vibey mixes.

Bedroom DJ I
(2 monitors + standalone controller)

Bedroom DJ II
(2 monitors + serato controller)

DJ/Party Package #7
Vinyl DJ

We’ve got turntables! Perfect option if you want to start DJing vinyl or for leisurely listening at home.

Vinyl DJ
(2 turntables, mixer + monitors)