Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for our team? Most likely, it's been asked before. That's why we've compiled these helpful FAQs to assist you with your rental equipment questions. Still can't find the answer you need? No worries! Click here to contact us today!
Q: What information do I need to provide to rent from Rock n Roll Rentals?
A: You need the following items to complete your rental:
  • Current Drivers License or state-issued ID
  • Valid Credit or Debit card in your name will simplify the process and keep deposits low
  • Local Residency in the Austin, TX area or a deposit*
  • Two friends and phone numbers as contacts
  • Parents or closest relative; address and phone number
  • If you are the person using the gear, we will find a way to work with you

*If you live outside our Local Rental Area, we may ask for a refundable deposit for the value of the gear rented.

Q: I'm renting for my organization, not for myself. Can I set up a rental account for my organization?

We require an individual with a state ID or Drivers License to take responsibility for equipment rented. Your organization can pay for the rental (see the next question for details). The individual is legally responsible and is signing that they will take care of all property rented and see to it's return.

Q: Can I use my organization’s credit card?

A: Yes, you can. If your name does not appear on the card – if it is an organizational card, or belongs to your parents, etc, we can accept a signed Credit Card Authorization Form from the card-holder. We will need a copy of the card itself and a copy of the cardholder's driver's license. You can fax, email [mail AT rocknrollrentals DOT com], or bring the completed form in person.  If the organization is tax exempt, make sure to send in a completed Texas State Tax Exempt form.

Q: Can I put some equipment on Reserve?

A:  Yes.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently scheduling rentals for curbside pickup.  Please check out this page and complete the form to start the process!

A: Yes, you can! We keep so much equipment in stock that it is not necessary to call in and place a hold on gear.   We recommend coming in Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday the week of your event to pick up exactly what you need for your event. You will only be charged our weekend rate that you see advertised online, and you get to keep everything until Monday.  With some events we know you need the piece of mind that a reservation provides.  Start the process by completing our "Rental Information" Form and we'll guide you through the process. 

Q: Can you handle the sound/lighting production at our event?

A: Yes, we can! We will make sure the sound and lighting at your event is handled by the best. Rock n Roll Rentals has been serving the Austin Community for 25 years providing sound and lighting production for all types of events. We have a personal history of working with our sound and lighting engineers. We are invested in the success of your event! Find out more by filling out our Form for Event Production Services.

Q: I live in Bastrop. Is that considered “Local”?

A: Yes. The following map outlines the boundaries of our Local Rental Area. If you reside just outside the area but work in town or if you reside on the very edge, we can often make your rental. If you are outside of this area, we may ask for a refundable deposit for the value of the gear rented.

Q: Do you sell or finance equipment?

A: Yes, we do both! We have new and used pricing on all our gear. Come in and see us. If you have been renting a piece of equipment on a Monthly Contract, then let us know if you would like to buy it at a good depreciated price. We’ll even finance it! We now offer in-house financing to our established monthly renters. With us, your good rental history is your credit!

Q: How do I hook up the gear I rented?

A: Allow yourself some time when picking up so we can show you how.  Our weekend rate allows you to pick up Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday and have plenty of time to practice and call us with questions.    We are here to help (512)447-5305.   Also, you can text us by clicking the pink icon in the bottom right of the page.

Q: Do you have lessons or recommend Rock Camps?

A: We do not offer music lessons or Rock Camps, but you are in luck! There are many great schools and teachers to choose from in Austin! So gear up with our Musical Instrument Rentals and rock out with an Austin Music School.

Q:  Do you have a particular product in stock?

A:  As our inventory is constantly changing with rentals and returns,  click the messenger icon on the bottom right of our page to check current stock. Then, you can request a rental or purchase.

Q:  Are you hiring?

A:  We are always looking to add to the quality of our team.  Positions are full time and require knowledge of the gear we carry and experience with sales and customer service.  Apply Online Now.

Q: Can I start a Rental Account Online?

A:You can get started on the process by submitting a Rental Request form.
Our team will review your request, and start or update your account, and then consult with you on the equipment you need to rent, and when you want to pick up. For more on how our current rental process is working, click here