Rock N Roll Rentals • Event Production Services

Let Rock N Roll Rentals Production Team handle set-up and operation of Sound, Lighting, or Video for your event!

Rock N Roll Rentals' Event Production staff has the experience and expertise to make your event go smoothly and professionally.

Our Event Production Staff can handle production on a large variety of events, including but not limited to Weddings, Corporate Events, Music Performances (from parties to large outdoor concerts), Theater & Stage Performances, and more. Whether it is sound, lighting, video projection, our production staff will bring you incredible service at a great price.

Tell us all about it your event! Our Production Staff will consult, and create a customized equipment package for your event. Please contact us with Production inquiries with as much time as possible.

Event Production Services for Audio, Video & Lighting start at $450 for equipment, and full production services.

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Rock N Roll Rentals Event Production Crew
SXSW 2017 - The Crew!
Photo by Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon

Entrance with Custom Light Design & Custom Gobo
Glass Oaks Ballroom at the Renaissance Hotel Arboretum
Photo by William Glosup

Event Production for KUTX Live at Mueller Sessions
Looking down towards the Yorkville Paraline from the Allen & Heath QU32
Photo by Rene Chavez

Event Production for KUTX Live at the Four Seasons
Our stage for the KUTX Live @ The Four Seasons SXSW 2017!
Photo by Rene Chavez