American DJ 300 Watt High-Powered Hybrid LED Moving-Head (VIZIBSW300)

$82 / Weekend
$149 / Month

Key Features

  • Super-versatile LED moving lighting fixture that combines spot, beam, and wash effects in one
  • Powerful 300-watt LED lamp blasts through thick fog and floods across long distances
  • Zoom and focus let you go from a 1- to 26-degree beam angle
  • Frost filter lets you further diffuse light for broad wash effect
  • 2 independent color wheels and 2 gobo wheels deliver a massive range of visual effects
  • Includes 2 x 6-facet rotating prisms, 1 linear, and 1 circular for cool scattered visuals
  • Combine both prisms for scattered lighting effects Morph, scroll, and create other unique effects with gobos and prisms
  • Motorized shutter includes strobe and pulse effects Full electronic dimming control onboard