Pioneer DDJ-SX3 4ch Performance DJ Controller

$35 / Weekend $62 / Month

Key Features

  • New and improved version of one of the most revered DJ controllers on the market
  • Designed for use with Serato DJ Pro
  • Works as a standalone player or connects to laptops for extreme flexibility
  • Dual USB inputs for connecting two computers running Serato DJ Pro at the same time for seamless DJ transitions or back-to back performances (or connect a backup computer in case your laptop crashes)
  • Three Mic inputs, plus Mic FX so multiple DJ's can be MC'ing their performance
  • You can control the level, EQ and low-cut filter, and add reverb and compressor to each mic input – enabling you to tweak the sound to suit the venue and ensure clear speech and vocals
  • 16 multicolored performance pads
  • 4-channel mixer with onboard effects
  • Sound Color FX including Filter, Echo, Jet, and Noise FX to color mixes or vocals
  • Has four external input terminals for multi players, turntables, DJ controllers and more
  • Connect various types of speakers to the XLR and RCA master out terminals and the TRS jack booth out terminal
  • Professional design and intuitive controls
  • 16 multicolored performance pads, on-jog display, and clear visual of the player and mixer sections
  • Needle search pad: Instantly jump to a specific part of a track with a simple touch of the pad
  • Slip Mode: Silently keeps a track playing during a loop, sample, or Hot Cue. Release the jog wheel and the track comes back at exactly the right place
  • Jog wheels with reduced latency: Scratching feels natural on the jog wheels, which feature reduced latency compared to those on the DDJ-SX2. Get instant information about the current playback status and position from the illuminating On Jog Display for more precise performances