Fender ToneMaster Solid-State Digital Modeling Deluxe Reverb Amp (TMDELUXEREVERB)

$23 / Weekend $50 / Month

Key Features

  • 100w Solid State Amp with all the look, tone, and output of a classic 22W all-tube Deluxe
  • The latest in solid-state digital tone modeling
  • Massive weight savings — weighs in at just 23 lbs
  • Familiar tone stack performance
  • 5-way attenuator dials back power to 0.2 watts
  • Solid pinewood cabinet in black textured vinyl with a classic silver grille cloth
  • 12" Jensen N12K neodymium speaker exhibits tight, round bass and a sparkling top end
  • Balanced XLR out with output control, selectable cab IRs, and ground lift
  • Includes a 2-button footswitch for reverb and tremolo switching and cover