BPMC MODIFIEDAVE5 Glitch Video Workstation

$31 / Weekend $68 / Month

From BPMC Glitch Art Manufacturers:

The modified WJ-AVE5 is a two channel NTSC composite video mixer with added digital corruption functionality. It’s a serious mega-gift from the glitch gods and it never ceases to amaze me. These mixers in their unmodified state are traditionally quite reliable. They have on-board effects, multiple wipe modes/shapes, multiple video outs, time base correction and a superimpose layer that works well with the Touch Titler. It’s modified state propels it forward into a whole other universe. The AVE5 has gone through various incarnations and I believe the latest here to be the greatest. Here I’ve wired up damned near all the fury the WJ offers via 10 total sets of body contacts, ten knobs and a magnetic patchbay. Glitch visuals include a number of digital fragmentation FX specific to the AVE3/5/7 FX buffer.
This machine was crafted with a lot of time and care. Not only do I do my best to make sure these machines are in tip top working order before I start working on them (balancing trim pot values, structural re-enforcement, lubricating sliders, etc) but the modification process is done with the utmost care and attention to detail. I use quality parts & leave all original functionality intact.