Novation Circuit Tracks Groove Production Workstation (CIRCUITTRACKS)

$18 / Weekend $25 / Month

Key Features

  • Powerful electronic music workstation with Nova-series synth engines and sequencing
  • RGB-backlit 4x8 pad matrix
  • 2 independent synths with 128 factory patches
  • 4-part rhythm machine
  • 2 MIDI tracks allow control over external MIDI-enabled devices
  • Store up to 64 projects for performance with easy recall
  • Gain increased control with seperate transmit and receive settings for Circuit's MIDI clock
  • Chain multiple 16- to 32-step patterns to create sequences up to 256 steps
  • Create tied and drone nots using the sequencer's tie-forward setting
  • Synth Micro-nudge allows for more complex rhythmic creation
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery lets you create and perform music anywhere
  • USB and MIDI connections provide compatability with the rest of your electronic music gear