Yorkville AP4K 2x1800w 4R/2R Power Amp

$45 / Weekend $81 / Month

Key Features:

  • Delivers 1800 watts per channel into either 2 or 4 ohm load
    (3600 watts bridged into 4 or 8 ohms)
  • Proven Ultra Reliable Class-H Design
  • Easily Handles Reactive Phase Shifted Loads
  • Advanced Protection Schemes Including DC Current, Load, Thermal & Breaker Protection
  • Transparent User-Defeatable Peak Limiter Circuits
  • Soft Turn-On Circuit Protects Speakers and Prevents Nuisance Breaker Tripping During Power Up
  • Concise Front Panel Metering and Status LED's
  • Speakon™ and Binding Post Outputs
  • Balanced XLR and ¼-inch TRS Inputs
  • All-Steel Chassis Construction
  • Made in Canada