Yorkville NX55P 1000w Powered Speaker

$25 / Weekend $46 / Month

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Key Features:

  • Integrated 2000 Watt Amplifier (Peak - 1000 Watts Program)
  • Max SPL 134dB Peak (128dB Continuous)
  • Dual purpose full range and wedge monitor format enclosure
  • Lightweight, high efficiency, high tech bi-amped power module
  • +/- 6dB input trim control for individual cabinet level adjustment
  • XLR and TRS inputs / outputs for easy connection and looping
  • Multi-input source mixer for direct inputs
  • Direct microphone input with level control
  • Two-way overall EQ controls
  • High quality 1-inch High Frequency driver
  • Next generation 12-inch high power woofer
  • Integrated flying hardware
  • Recessed Mixer panel
  • Made in Canada