FMR Audio RNP8380 Really Nice Preamp

$19 / Weekend $33 / Month

Key Features:

  • True to it's name - it's a "Really Nice Pre"!
  • The RNP is a pair of separate micpres providing up to 66dB of gain at vanishing low distortion levels in a compact 1/3 rack format
  • Accurate signal metering
  • 1MO input impedance DI inputs
  • high input level capability (up to +28dBu input)
  • high-capacity phantom power supply
  • sealed relay switching for invert/phantom functions
  • gold-plated 12-position gain switch
  • TRS insert between preamp stage and output driver
  • +28dBu TRS-balanced outputs
  • 5kO differential input impedance on mic input
  • output muting during phantom engage/disengage and battery or AC mains operation
  • Gain Range: 0-66dB
  • Distortion: Less than .0005% THD
  • Designed and assembled in Austin, TX!!