Neve 5042-H 2 ch "TrueTape" Emulation/Line driver

$43 / Weekend $95 / Month

Key Features:

  • Two Channel "True Tape" Emulation and Line Driver unit's emulation circuit provides the nostalgic rounding and compression usually only achieved by the use of tape
  • Offsets the harshness often found in digital recording
  • Incorporates an actual tape drive circuit that feeds a tiny magnetic "head" which, in turn, is coupled to a correctly equalized, replay amplifier, the only thing missing is the tape itself!
  • Consists of two identical Line Driving amplifiers having transformer balanced inputs and outputs
  • The sonic quality of these amplifiers is such that, by providing galvanic isolation, simple single-sided circuit topology and freedom from grounding problems they are capable of enhancing the sonic quality of many signal sources, especially those of digital origin
  • When the Tape circuit is not engaged, the 5042 may be used as a full, transformer-coupled, high-performance line amplifier that includes a Gain range of + and – 12 dB.
  • Maximum output level of the Portico 5042 is + 25 dBu, which provides a large margin over and above the likely maximum requirement of any destination equipment to which the Portico 5042 is connected.