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If You Are a DJ doing sets at Clubs or Venues, you probably know how integral lighting can be to making your set successful. Managing Lighting Cues on top of DJ Cues, Mixes, and Lining Up Your Next Track can be overwhelming...

Sound Switch Lighting Interfaces Aim to Change That, by integrating seamlessly with DJ Software.


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SoundSwitch is a Digital Lighting Workstation that lets users create lighting displays that are played back in time with audio files when played back live in Serato DJ/VDJ 8. It is built for DJ's, making programming fixture changes that match the playlist/cues/changes easier than ever.
Edit Mode, in SoundSwitch, is a powerful tool that allows you to create customized lighting effects and cues that are along side and in time with music files. It has been designed to be familiar to anyone with experience using audio editing programs such as Ableton Live.
Combining this timeline editing with tools similar to those found in graphic design software like Photoshop, SoundSwitch provides a user experience that is both functional and familiar.


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Using the Soundswitch Software (included/free), you can go through your mix and program where Lighting should accentuate and emphasize the music! Their software is easy and intuitive, no matter if you're a lighting-design pro or completely new to Light design.

Let Soundswitch automatically program/loop a Lighting Show to the Master audio track, or edit before your set or on the fly. Either way, the Sound Switch program makes it EASY to program a show based on your Master Audio Track. Using the "Master Track" control makes it easy to visually see where your light show will be cued by the Master Waveform from your mix.


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Soundswitch is compatible with the two most popular DJ Programs: Serato and Virtual DJ! 
SoundSwitch is directly compatible with Serato DJ, VDJ 8 and Ableton Live and Traktor Pro 2 via Ableton Link.

Check out DJ Puffy utilizing Sound Switch with his rig here:






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