What is a PA System?

The term "PA System" is a shortened version of "Public Address Systems" which came into prominence to amplify audio for  
early movie theaters, sports venues and public speeches. These days, "PA System" is somewhat of a catch-all term for Speakers and Sound Equipment to be used for amplifying Speech, Instruments or Pre-recorded music.
In this Quick Guide, we are going to focus on the two main components of PA systems and how they are powered.
Basic PA Equipment


All PA Systems incorporate Speakers and a Mixer, but the differences in the Varieties of them is important as you can not mix and match Powered Mixers with Powered Speakers.

Below we review and compare the 3 Most Common Combinations of Equipment.

In this blog, we do not review a fourth type of PA System that uses an independent Power Amplifier, as they have become much less common.

3 Types Comparison

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We hope this Blog helped you understand the basics on selecting a PA!

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