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Customize and Design a Virtual Pedalboard with Pedal Playground!


If you love Pedal of the Month Club as a means to reconfigure your Pedal set-up, you will love tinkering with Pedal Playground. Drag and drop pedals from many different Pedal manufacturers onto a custom Pedal board, drag and rearrange, and make your Pedal daydreams a Virtual Reality! Many of the Pedals from the club are on the list of Pedals you can add to your Virtual board. Use Pedal Playground to make sure the Pedals you want to rent will fit and jive with your current rig!



Check out a couple of Categories of FX Pedals and custom Set-ups below!

Below are many of the Tremolo and Chorus Pedals that are part of the club!

POTMC Chorus pedals

POTMC Tremolo Pedals




Use Pedal Playground to plan ahead on spacing and signal-chain organizing! Here are two cool pedalboard examples:

Pedal Playground Test Boards



Try it for yourself, and head over to Pedal Playground, and cross reference our Pedal of the Month Pedal List

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