25 Best Sellers of Rock N Roll Rentals Accessories!

Rock N Roll Rentals is a one-stop shop for accessories and gear to help you work from home!
Here are our 25 best selling accessories from the last 6 months to give you an idea of what you can purchase via curbside service at Rock N Roll Rentals. Just come to our West Oltorf location, call us, and we can bring accessories out to your car.

1) 2" Black Gaff Tape from ProGaff
2) 3" Black Gaff Tape from ProGaff
3) 1Spot Combo Pack Adapter from TrueTone
4) 2" White Gaff Tape from ProGaff
5) Telescoping Boom Microphone Stand from Apex
6) 32GB Micro SD Card from SanDisk
7) PitchClip Battery Powered Tuner by Korg
8) 64GB Micro SD Card from SanDisk
9) 1Spot Adapter from TrueTone
10) ATH-M20X Professional Monitor Headphones from AudioTechnica
11) HD280 Pro Studio Headphones from Sennheiser
12) KG6B 6-String Guitar Capo from Kyser
13) GOMixer Audio Mixer for Smartphones and Streaming from Roland
14) EPACK835 Microphone, Stand and Cable Combo Pack from Sennheiser
15) Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphone from Shure
16) MWS-56DLX Deluxe Microphone Pop Filter from Apex
17) EC163-25 25' Extension Power Cord from American DJ
18) SMM-20 Stagemaster 20' XLR Cable from RapcoHorizon
19) A206MPY Stereo Mini 1/8" - 1/4 Y Cable from Apex Electronics
20) 6 Outlet Power Strip from RapcoHorizon
21) HP35 Folding Semi-Closed Headphones from Apex Electronics
22) EXL110 Light Electric Guitar Strings from D'addario
23) Procell AA Battery from Duracell
24) Pro 6" 1/4" Instrument Cable by Fender
25) MC5 5 Plug Power Adapter for Pedals and FX from TrueTone


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