Fender Amps for the Digital Age!

By William Glosup for Rock N Roll Rentals

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Fender just stepped into the digital age with the new Mustang GT Series, a new line Digital Modeling Amps, which are jam packed with special features to perfect and tweak your tone wirelessly.

You would be surprised that this is Fender's first forray into the smart-phone friendly world, because right from the get go, the digital integration is  very thoroughly developed and has some really amazing tools! In this blog, we'll go over the details to explain the aspects that make these amps great tools for a new generation of guitar players.

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The Mustang GT Series is comprised of three models, in 40, 100 & 200 Watt models, which are only differentiated by their size and power.

All three of these amps are capable of 5 great new developments that Fender made:


1) The Brand New Fender Tone App

An App for an Amp? Sounds kind of ridiculous, right? It's actually....really really cool. While a lot of music manufacturers have been flirting with developing apps for their products (e.g. effect pedals, robot tuner guitars, digital synths), Fender's Tone App sets itself apart. It becomes immediately apparent that their team definitely spent some time and thought with how they would want to integrate digitalization into their products.

The Tone App offers a few predictable features, such as the ability to save presets, and twist knobs without physically touching the amp, but it goes far beyond typical app features: You can customize and craft signal chains with tons of effects, put together "Set Lists" with different sounds for different songs, use an on-board tuner, and much more. The Tone App is so loaded with effects and options that you can ditch your pedalboard, plug in, and tone tweak to your heart's desire.


2) Wireless Connect-ability via WiFi or Bluetooth

If you were just asking yourself how the app controls the amp, you probably saw this coming, but it's true: there is Bluetooth and WiFi on board! Download updates, new effects, control your app wirelessly, and stream music straight to the amp. It is very cool that Fender decided to go with WiFi and Bluetooth, so distance from your amp is definitely not a problem. Also, while the world of Bluetooth is ever-evolving and changing, WiFi is extremely reliable and won't go through any huge changes for quite a long time.


3) Powerful, Customizable and Thoroughly Improved Amp Modeling

Fender retooled all of the amp emulations that were previously available on their solid state amplifiers, and added A LOT of new options. Want it to sound like you are playing out of a 65 Twin? Or would you prefer a '57 Blues Tweed? 80's Hair Metal Stack? You got it, any amp sound you are wanting is yours with the Mustang GT....and their voicing actually sounds really good.


4) Presets, Presets, Presets!

Man, how did Nile Rogers get that sweet guitar sound on "Get Lucky"?

  There's a preset for that.

I wonder...what effects would Grimes put together for one of her crazy manic electro songs?

Grimes designed an Artist Preset for that.

Dude, I spent the last 3 weeks trying to recreate Randy Rhodes' tone on Crazy Train, want to check it out?

Save, Share and Use Presets with a community of Tone users through the app!


These presets aren't just a singular setting that you can't customize. You can mess with every single aspect of what goes into making a tone unique, from compression, gain structure, EQ, signal chain, effects, amp model, guitar settings and more. If you love playing with VST plug-ins or home recording, you'll love how much you can tweak your sound.




5) Sleek On Board Interface with LCD Display

You don't have to go Tone crazy with the Tone App if you want to rock, you can just plug in and scroll through hundreds of settings that come pre-loaded on any of the Mustang GT amps! Preset Names, Amp Models, and everything are displayed very clearly on a small LCD display and controlled by a cool spinning encoder dial.


Bonus Feature: A Powerful On-Board Looper

The only reason this isn't one of the main features is it requires a seperate wireless footswitch, but getting it is very worth while because you can control multiple features of the amp at a distance with your feet instead of your fingers on a smart phone! Multi-track looping on board!


Check out a video featuring the Mustang GT amps and the Fender Tone App here!

Rent one of the Mustang GT Amps, and hear the sounds of the future age!

MustangGT40 - $7/weekend or $14/month - Purchase for $249 New*

MustangGT100 - $10/weekend or $22/month - Purchase for $399 New*

MustangGT200 - $15/weekend or $33/month - Purchase for $599 New*

*Ask us about used pricing and financing!

All images courtesy of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation 

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