Pedal of the Month Club now with over 500 pedals!




Pedal of the Month Club now has over 500 pedals! Recently, we have become dealers for great new boutique pedal brands, such as Catalinbread, Black Cat Pedals, and after surveying club members, we are adding pedals from Chase Bliss Audio!

To celebrate becoming dealers for these awesome new brands,we took a closer look at a pedal from each of these manufacturers


1) Catalinbread - Echorec


Rare and otherwordly delay returns in 2018....50 pounds lighter and 1/8th the size!

Those familar with the delay tones of a little band called Pink Floyd will probably already be familiar with the magic that is enclosed in this little box...a stellar recreation of original "analog drum delay".

Unlike other highly sought after analog delays that used tape, like the Maestro Echoplex or the Roland Space Echo, the original Binson Echorec used a magnetic platter that spun with a record head and four play heads that could be manipulated via distance from the magnetic platter.

The fine folks at Catalinbread showed a lot of respect for this highly regarded analog echo machine in recreating its glory. So much so that they built two originals from the ground up before they began years of development...pretty cool!

If you're looking for a very different analog delay, check out the Echorec! It's part of our Pedal of the Month Club! The folks at Catalinbread recorded a neat comparison of their model vs. the original, check out the video below.




2) Chase Bliss Audio - Warped Vinyl


All analog warbly wobbly goodness from the innovative minds at Chase Bliss audio

The Warped Vinyl HIFI can make guitars, keyboards, vocals and anything else sound like it's dancing on spaghetti legs. This “true pitch” analog vibrato/chorus pedal features an all-analog signal path that can be dialed in to create limitless palette of vibrato and chorus. For tone-freaks, Chase Bliss has made every knob and switch in the Warped Vinyl connected to a little digital brain while your guitar signal stays 100% analog the entire time and never gets digitally processed. Moreover, since the control of the effect is digital, it opens up unprecedented effects and features that have never been heard or offered in analog stompboxes.

Check out this great videa that gives a thorough overview of the pedal's sounds and functions below!



3) Black Cat Pedals - Bee Buzz


Buzz buzz's the Fuzz fuzz Fuzz!

Black Cat Pedals paid respect to one of the most original fuzzes ever made, the Roland BeeBaa fuzz. Originally unleashed in the 1970's, the Bee Baa fuzz stood apart from the other pedals on the market with a mosquitoey, octavey, flickery fuzz - and Black Cat pedals recreated that perfectly, with more control, and less noise floor.

If you're looking for a fuzz that stands out, with gnarly nasty fuzzy wuzzy sounds - the bee buzz is a fantastic option.

Hear the hairy fuzzy goodness for yourself on the video below!

Come try these awesome new pedals, and try more than 500 other pedals from Boss, Death By Audio, DOD, Dunlop, Earthquaker Devices, Electroharmonix, Eventide, Fender, Fulltone, JHS Pedals, Keeley Electronics, Korg, Line 6, MXR, Old Blood Noise Endeavors, Orange, Pigtronix, ProCo, Radial Engineering, TC Electronic, Visual Sound, VOX, Walrus Audio & ZVEX Effects!

Want to know everything in available in the Pedal of the Month Club? Check out the full list of pedals here


By William Glosup for Rock N Roll Rentals

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