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 If you need music, or amplified vocals for speech or performance,

these 3 new mobile PA's are great options for sound "on the go!"


Mobile PA #1) Yorkville Sound • EXM-Mobile


Yorkville Sound’s EXM line has provided us with some great portable PA options that have BIG SOUND in light weight, small footprint systems…and now with the EXM Mobile, you can get that excellent sound anywhere on battery power!

The EXM Mobile is a super compact powered speaker, complete with a 3 channel mixer that includes bluetooth connectivity, and over 5 hours of maximum output operation! This is an awesome mobile PA for speech or music in remote areas! Whether you are doing a secret show in the woods, or a corporate retreat on the beach, the EXM mobile is a road warrior that is as convenient as it is powerful.

This is a terrific solution for anyone looking for a battery-powered PA system for up to 50 people!

Rent it for the weekend for only $16!


• Great for: Corporate retreats, remote acoustic shows, music playback

• Ideal for crowds of up to 40 people with one system, and up to 80 with two connected units!

Check out a short overview of the EXM Mobile below:




Eon One Pro Banner

If you’re looking for a PA system that can handle crowds of up to 100…the EONONE Pro is the way-to-go. Boasting a full range system including a subwoofer, a 7 channel mixer with 4 mic/line inputs..the JBL EONONE Pro is one of the most powerful battery-powered PA’s ever made, and it lasts up to 6 hours on lithium-ion power!

This system is perfect for what would typically be larger crowds than a battery-powered system could handle, and is perfect for large remote gatherings!

Rent it for your desert island weekend for only $51!


• Great for: Large remote acoustic performances/small bands, large corporate retreats in remote areas,

loud music playback for parties where power isn’t an option!

• Ideal for crowds of up to 100 with one unit, and great for larger crowds by linking a second unit!

Check out a short overview of the EXM Mobile below:



Mobile PA #3) Yorkville • EXM70



Need something compact and easy to set up, and don’t mind running an extension cable for AC power? The EXM-70 is a great portable solution when power is an option. Very similar to the EXM-Mobile, the EXM-70 includes a 3 channel mixer, Bluetooth connectivity, and an incredibly rugged and compact construction!

The EXM-70 packs a great punch, with a 140 watt peak program, and easy linkable connectivity for use of multiple connected units!

Amp up your mobile PA needs with the EXM-70 for only $10 for the weekend!


• Great for: backyard parties, indoor/outdoor corporate gatherings, wedding ceremonies & receptions, small acoustic performances, music playlist PA needs.

• Ideal for crowds of up to 40 people with one unit, and up to 80 with two units!

Check out a short overview video of the EXM-70 below:


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