SUPRO Amplifiers have been the things of legend for decades since the small Chicago company went out of business.

Rock N Roll music of the 1950's and 1960's revolved around many of the sounds that Supro amps were famous drive, wobbly tremolo's, and space-fueled verb...and many of the Supro amps of the past have become all but impossible to find..until now.

The great minds behind the analog-pedal company Pigtronix entered collaboration with the man behind Dr. Z amps to recreate and reimagine Supro amps. Some of these models are exact replicas, while some are customized with extra features.

In this blog we'll give you a little insight into the retro future magic behind some of these new amps!

1960's Reissue Series Amps



These 1960's Reissues bare more than a striking resemblance to their original counterparts...they offer today's guitarists a chance to play on a new Supro for the first time in over 50 years.

In Supro's own words "From the vintage correct cabinetry and Blue Rhino Hide Tolex to the custom made transformers, proprietary USA-built speakers and original Supro circuitry, every element of the 1964 reissue line was made from scratch to re-create the look, tone and feel of these iconic American tube amplifiers".

These reissues are no lie..they have the charm and sparkle of Valco/Supro made amplifiers of the first Rock N Roll generation.

Take a ride on one of these time machines for yourself...

  • Thunderbolt MKII (35/65-watt 1-channel All Tube 1x15" Guitar Combo Amplifier) - $33 / Weekend $72 / Month
  • 1650RT Royal Reverb (Supro's new flagship 60/35-watt 1 channel All-tube 2x10" Guitar Combo Amplifier with Tube-driven Spring Reverb, and Power Amp Tremolo ) - $41 / Weekend $90 / Month
  • 1605 Reverb (5-watt 1-channel All-tube 1x8" Guitar Combo Amplifier with 2-band EQ, Reverb) - $27 / Weekend $60 / Month
  • 1606 Super (5-watt 1-channel All-tube 1x8" Guitar Combo Amplifier) - $19 / Weekend $42 / Month

Legendary & Custom Amplifiers



Supro amps we're common and revered through the 1950's into the 1960's, but perhaps claimed legendary status after a young English ex-Yardbird named Jimmy Page used a Supro amp on his new band's debut album, Led Zeppelin I. His customized 1696T Supro amp was responsible for the screaming rock guitar tones across Zeppelin's debut album, and Supro has unleashed the Black Magick Reverb based upon that exact amplifier (loaned out from the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame). If you're looking for the same searing monster tones of Page's solos and leads on Zeppelin records - this amp is a must-hear.

Keeley Custom Amp


The folks at Supro have not stopped at recreating custom models of old amplifiers either! The have also collaborated with Robert Keeley of Keeley Engineering Effect Pedals to create the Keeley Custom Amp - a perfect all-tube amp for integrating your pedals straight into your sound. This amp incorporates a transparent effects loop providing the ideal point to inject your delay and reverb stompboxes into the amplifier’s all-tube signal path. A master volume circuit allows you to control the sound pressure level coming from the speaker, while pouring on copious amounts of gain from the 12AX7-based tube preamp or your favorite dirt pedals.

Check out these Legendary & Custom amps for yourself

  • Black Magick Reverb (Updated version of the acclaimed 1695T Black Magick combo) - $41 / Weekend $90 / Month
  • Keeley Custom Amp (All-tube, 25-watt, 1 x 10" combo amplifier) - $21 / Weekend $45 / Month


Supro FX Pedals

Supro Pedals


If you're excited by these Supro amps, and a vintage tone, but don't want to switch up your meticulously designed amp rig, inject some Supro sound into your existing rig with Supro pedals! These classic amps are most famous for two aspects of their sound: their electricifying drive, and their other-worldly warbly tremolo (that sounds much more haunting vibration than typical tremolo'd spliced up notes). Both of these pedals are part of our Pedal of the Month Club, so you can swap them out with other pedals to compare!

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