Introducing the ApolloX Interfaces

Apollo X Series


Universal Audio's new line of ApolloX Interfaces take a significant step forward with cutting edge features. With 4 different models that suit different forms of applications, we wanted to give our renters a closer look at what makes UA's new line of audio interfaces so impressive, and what distinguishes them from each other.

UA ApolloX Series Interface Features:

Apollo X Series Feature

All four of the interfaces have these great new features including 6 core DSP, state of the art clocking, super-charged thunderbolt 3 connectivity and linking, and the most advanced A/D D/A conversion on the market.


Model Specific Features:

Apollo X Model Comparison


The main difference between the different ApolloX models is the number of Unison preamp's on board.

Unison preamps are a proprietary technology from Universal that uses the onboard processors to create precise emulations of the tone of sought-after tube and solid state mic preamps from classic Neve, API, Manley, Helios, SSL, and Universal Audio units. The Unison preamps mimic preamps behavior, including their input impedance, gain stage “sweet spots,” and the component-level circuit behaviors of the original hardware.

Apollo X Series

The Apollo x6 interface features two Unison™-capable XLR preamps and six line inputs. This is a great choice for anyone that works with a lot of line level gear (e.g. Synths, Keyboard or Drum Machines). It would also appeal to someone working with an existing collection of outboard mic preamps. It also features six alt/surround outputs and two Hi-Z inputs (for connecting your guitar or bass directly).

The Apollo x8 interface features 4 Unison™-capable XLR preamps. It also features eight line inputs and eight alt/surround outputs. This model is best for someone who has some outboard preamps, but also wants to utilize more than 2 of the Unison Preamps for tracking drums, or multiple vocals.

If you are wanting an interface to track a full band (or at the very least a multi-mic drum setup) the Apollo x8p interface features eight Unison™-capable, combo XLR/TRS input jacks. In addition to being a great choice for permanent studio install, it would be a fantastic centerpiece of a travel or live rig because it packs a powerful punch as a single unit.

The Apollo x16 is the perfect choice for someone looking to integrate with a large format console or tape machine that requires the best-in-class converters, but has an existing rack of preamps and outboard gear.


See How the ApolloX Can Shape Your Recording Experience, and Rent one from Rock N Roll Rentals!

  • ApolloX6 - $53/weekend or $116/month
  • ApolloX8 - $66/weekend or $146/month
  • ApolloX8P - $79/weekend or $175/month
  • ApolloX16 - $92/weekend or $204/month

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