New Gear From NAMM 2019!

NAMM 2019


Every Year, Team Members from Rock N Roll Rentals travel to Anaheim, CA to attend the annual conference for National Association of Music Merchants, where all the great music/lighting/production gear releases are first announced! This Year, Craig and Erik went up and saw the exciting new products that are being released in 2019 - and we're very excited to show our customers some highlights of products they saw that we will start carrying for rent! Some of this awesome new gear is available NOW, and all of it will be in stock soon!

You can see pictures from Craig and Erik's trip to NAMM on our Instagram!

Highlight #1) Yorkville Synergy

Powerful Active 'Point Source' Array-Style Sound Systems



Yorkville unveiled their new series of point source array systems, the 'Synergy Series'. These modular speakers are the most powerful system we have ever carried, and have the potential to provide sound for huge events, including festivals. We're so excited about these new systems, and had so much to say about them that we actually wrote an entire blog post about them that you can read here.


Highlight #2) New Korg Products

2 Exciting New Volca Synths, and the new Minilogue XD (Polyphonic Analog Synth)



Korg has been making big waves in the world of synthesizers for the last few years, starting two years ago with the Minilogue Polyphonic analog synth - which offered an outstanding analog synth, with amazing modern features and layout, at a stunningly low pricepoint. Since it's release, they continued shattering industry expectations with the Monologue Mono Analog Synth, the Prologue Polyphonic Analog Synth (best in show NAMM 2018) in addition to their extremely popular Volca analog synth modules.

This year, Korg continued their hot-streak with the announcement of the new Minilogue XD - a 4 voice polyphonic analog synth with digital effects, and a built in FM wavetable synth. This new synth combines the best of the analog world with digital synthesis, essentially encapsulating the best of all historical synths in one box - again - at an incredible price. They also announced two new Volca synths: the Volca Modular and the Volca Drums. Get a sneak peak at the Minilogue XD on the video below


Highlight #3) Fender Alternate Reality

Fender continues to experiment with new creations with the all new Alternate Reality Series!

Alternate Reality Namm 2019

In 2018, Fender announced their new series of guitars, combining their classic models in combinations that seemed straight out of Bizarro world with the Parallel Universe Series. This year, Fender announced a continuation of their reimagined mutant axes with the Fender Alternate Reality series! A preview of this new series included the 'Sixty-Six' (Sized-down Jazz Bass body with a Strat neck, and custom HSS pickup configuration), the 'Powercaster' (Jazzmaster Body with roasted maple neck and humbucker/soapbar pickups), and the 'Alternate Reality Meteora' (Parallel Universe Meteora with Player Series Pickups). We look forward to carrying these soon, with more releases to be announced in this series later in the year



Highlight #4) Warm Audio WA-251 Classic Tube Condenser Mic

Warm Audio offers a recreation of one of the most famous mics in history!


Classic 251 Microphones have been a thing of lore for decades - they have been used to record more hit records than just about any other microphone, but getting ahold of one often involves tens of thousands of dollars.

The fine folks of Warm Audio have been blowing minds with their affordable recreations of classic studio gear since 2011 - and put themselves up to the challenge of recreating the classic all-brass capsule 251. At NAMM 2019, Warm Audio unleashed the 'WA-251', an all-brass beast which they designed with meticulous engineering, and fantastic components, including a Cinemag Transformer, A CEK-12 capsule, and a Slovak JJ 12AY7 Tube.  We're very excited to stock this for our customers who love recording!



Highlight #5) New Pedals from EHX, Walrus Audio, and JHS!

Warm Audio offers a recreation of one of the most famous mics in history!

New Pedals Namm 2019

One of our favorite things at Rock N Roll Rentals is FX Pedals & our popular Pedal of the Month Club. NAMM 2019 did not disappoint for pedal lovers, and we're excited to announce that we'll be carrying new pedals from EHX, JHS and Walrus Audio! Some of our favorite new pedals included EHX's new Mono Synth immulator pedal, JHS' Clover FET Preamp, and Walrus Audio's Lillian Phaser (follow up to their extremely popular Julia Chorus). Come try all of these new pedals as part of our Pedal of the Month Club!




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