Yorkville Synergy 

A Groundbreaking New Series of Point-Source Systems



The fine folks at Yorkville Sound have been hard at work for years developing a new series of point-source array style PA systems - and this January, they proudly introduced the Synergy series. The Synergy Series is the most versatile array system of its kind, Synergy is scalable in both horizontal and vertical planes and the perfect sound reinforcement solution for the club, outdoor festival, theatre and arena applications. To give Rock N Roll Rentals customers a closer look, we wanted to assemble some helpful information on why the Synergy Series blows us away!

Overview of the 2 Synergy Modules:

These two powerful modules comprise the Synergy Series - but are far from just two powered speaker cabinets. What you can accomplish with just these two modules is virtually limitless, which is what makes the Synergy series so exciting!

With a single pair of these stacked on the ground, the power and dispersion of these cabinets is so versatile, that almost any application, indoor or outdoor concerts or events of up to 500 people will be covered. In an ampitheatre? Flip the top cabinet upside-down and it will adapt sound dispersion to aim upwards instead of down. Need a bigger system? Add a second pair and you have a full stereo image with stage dispersion that has almost no reflection. Have a major festival system that could cover thousands of people.

Synergy Modules



Synergy Packages By Application:

Here are just a few ways we suggest using the Synergy Series:

Synergy Modules


To see more on the Synergy system, take a look at the fantastic video from Yorkville Sound below!


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