Greatest Hits of the Pedal of the Month Club!

One of our most popular programs, the Pedal of the Month Club is bigger and better than ever. This year we added a bunch of great manufacturers that our Club Members suggested, and have over 600 Pedals for rent.

In celebration of these awesome developments, we took a look back over the last year of Pedal of the Month Club, and which pedals were the biggest hits with our members!

Here’s the top 12 most rented pedals of the past year! (August 2018-August 2019)

Greatest Hits of the POTMC 

1) Avalanche Run (Analog Delay) by Earthquaker Devices
2) Mel9 (Mellotron Emulator) by Electroharmonix
3) Julia (Analog Chorus/Vibrato) by Walrus Audio
4) CE-2W (Analog Chorus/Vibrato) by BOSS
5) Carbon Copy (Analog Delay) by MXR
6) Datacorrupter (3 voice synth/fuzz) by Earthquaker Devices
7) DD-7 (Digital Delay) by BOSS
8) POG2 (Poly Octave Generator) by Electroharmonix
9) RC-3 (Looping/Sampling) by Boss
10) SYNTH9 (Synth Emulator) by Electroharmonix
11) DITTO (Looping/Sampling) by TC Electronic
12) Hall of Fame (Digital Reverb) by TC Electronic


...and here's the 10 most purchased pedals from the last year!

(August 2018-August 2019)

Greatest Hits of the POTMC

1) MF-Delay (Analog Delay) by Moog
2) TU-3 Chromatic Tuner (Tuner) by BOSS
3) Carbon Copy (Analog Delay )by MXR
4) Afterneath (Otherworldly Delay) by Earthquaker Devices
5) Pitchfork (Polyphonic Pitch-Shift) by Electroharmonix
6) GE-7 (7-band Equalizer) by BOSS
7) Hall of Fame (Digital Reverb) by TC Electronic
8) ODB-3 (Bass Overdrive) by BOSS
9) MF-Drive (Overdrive) by Moog
10) REVER (Reverse Reverb and Delay) by Old Blood Noise Endeavors

Check out the full list of pedals that are part of the Pedal of the Month Club program here, and make sure you don't miss out on Pedalpalooza for a great savings on buying Pedals this September!

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