Which Portable PA Is Right For You?

By: Rock N Roll Rentals
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Since speaker manufacturing turned towards smaller, lightweight cabinets, the portable PA has become one of the most popular options for sound systems. At Rock N Roll Rentals, we are embracing this trend towards smaller, lighter, more efficient, and better sounding. With bluetooth technology, and other recent technological advancements, portable PA systems are adding amazing new features, and can be as easy to use as simply plugging them in.Let’s take a glance at three of our most popular solutions.

1.) The Bose L1 Compact System

No need to breakout the hand dolly or rent the van with this system, the L1 Compact is so compact that it could fit in the passenger seat of your car. It is lightweight and easy for everyone to carry and use. With the L1 Compact system, you don't have to carry a separate amplifier, mixer or bass cabinet: They're already built in. The system's power stand includes an integrated bass speaker and amplifier, plus a built-in mixer to simply control a mic, instrument, and aux signal. This system is perfect for your basic sound needs, such as a presentation or public speaking event. It is just what you need for your solo show at the coffee shop. Enjoy that crisp, clear Bose sound for the weekend for only $31!

2.) Yorkville EXM400

Yorkville Sound’s take on the portable PA is incredibly powerful and versatile. Want to stack the speakers in a tower figuration? No problem. Playing a small show and want to separate one of the tops as satellite speakers to spread your sound out a little? Go for it! It’s modular design makes it easy to add more sound. The unit has enough power to add a pair of satellite speakers for extra coverage. The EXM400 also features a dedicated Bluetooth channel, so you can stream music without running a cable! This system works very well for weddings, DJs, solo or duo acoustic performances or house parties of up to 100 people. For performers, there is even built in reverb on both of the XLR channels. Rent it for the weekend for only $27 and add the satellite speakers for an additional $8.

3.) Bose L1 Model II

The L1 Model II PA from Bose provides very high definition sound in a portable package. This system can provide concert sound for more than 150 people, and fits in your back seat! 24 speakers in a line array provide sound in 180* coverage, and the subwoofer packs a powerful punch of bass. This system rents with the T1 Touch Mixer which optimizes instruments and mics instantly with Bose tone presets, which are developed by engineers for studio grade sound quality. Sound pro in only minutes with this huge sounding, lightweight speaker package. Perfect for musicians that want to sound crisp and clear with a simple setup and small footprint.

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