The LS2100P - the subwoofer that shakes off the norms...

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For those who want some really big bass, the Yorkville LS2100P may be your best bet. It is an incredibly powerful, long throw subwoofer that will rock your world, and we're excited to tell you exactly why it's shaking things up...

In the world of live sound, the term “bass reflex” is something you commonly see when using subwoofers. Bass reflex refers to the method of venting or porting a speaker enclosure to allow sound and resonance to flow forward from the back of a cabinet throughout it, and out of the front (for more on why this works and the physics behind it, you can read about Hemholtz Resonance here).

The reason that bass reflex design is extremely popular is that it can maximize the efficency of a cabinet by using it's own resonation to boost the dB output, which it does successfully in many applications. However, in a live setting with a lot of people in a close proximity to a speaker, this design becomes less effective because of how the low frequencies boosted by the bass reflex dull over a short distance.

The innovative minds at Yorkville Sound have developed a remarkable alternative to typical subwoofers, with the super powerful LS2100P.  Unlike most of the competition, the LS2100P utilizes a "rear horn loaded" design, which offers an incredible long throw and huge bass tone. This alternate design coupled with a long excursion 21” Woofer, 6” Voice Coil, and a 3600 Watt Integrated Amplifier makes for a subwoofer that is unparralleled in sheer bass power.

 Boost up your bass with the LS2100P for your large outdoor concert, or big DJ dancefloor for only $48/weekend or $107/month!

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