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Rock N Roll Rentals Guide to Livestreaming Equipment

Whether you are wanting to have a higher quality work from home experience, or you want to broadcast your own Live TV show, Rock N Roll Rentals has you covered

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1) Camcorders
2) Video Mixers
3) Microphones
4) Essential Accessories

1. Camcorders for Livestreaming

Rent HD quality camcorders from Rock N Roll Rentals to get started streaming!

If you are solely focused on improving your work from home conferencing, both of the camcorders we will highlight here would provide you with everything you need to improve the quality of your audio and video to livestream over USB.

Best Livestreaming Camcorders:

ZOOM q2n4k handy video recorder 

ZOOM Q2n4k HD Handy Video Recorder with onboard X/Y microphones

While the Q2n4k is a small video recorder, there is a lot to it. You can livestream just by plugging the Q2n with a USB to connect to Youtube Live, ZOOM conferences or Twitch!

It records HD video in up to 4k quality with perfect stereo sound delivered by the onboard X/Y microphones. The Q2n4k features a 150* degree lens for wide-angle shooting which can shoot from extremely close distance, - it can make small rooms look huge! Zoom in with five different field-of-view settings, and record anywhere: the Q2n4k offers a variety of lighting presets for shooting anywhere, from outdoors to dark stages. You can even shoot in sepia, or black and white.

The Q2n4k can provide HD livestreams for just about every application, be it an HD presentation for your remote work, or a full band performance in your rehearsal space. It’s an incredibly powerful camcorder in a very small and lightweight package. You have to try it to see how powerful it really is!

Rent the Q2n4k for only $7/weekend, or $13 a month
ZOOM Q8 handy video recorder 

ZOOM Q8 HD Handy Video Recorder with onboard X/Y microphones

The ZOOM Q8 offers the same high quality video as the smaller Q2n, with an even wider lens (160*), detachable X/Y stereo microphone and onboard audio inputs! Whether you are wanting to livestream performances, or upgrade from your laptop’s webcam, the Q8 is a dynamic streaming tool. You can even shoot at 60FPS!

Where the Q8 really shines is in audio flexibility. You can use the onboard X/Y microphones OR connect your own microphones over the 2 XLR/TRS inputs, OR both!! If you are trying to record a live performance, a room microphone in combination with the onboard microphones could give you a range of mixing options. The Q8 is essentially an audio interface and a camcorder combined into one!

Rent the ZOOM Q8 Handy Video Recorder for only $13/weekend or $26/month!



2. Video Mixers

Stream like a pro a professional A/V streaming mixer. Whether you are creating content for your own Youtube show, or sharing your band’s latest performance, adding a video mixer to your streaming rig will add so much flexibility to what you are able to do.


The top 3 Video Interfaces/Mixers:

Roland GoLivecast 

Roland GoLivecast

Streaming to Twitch, Youtube, Facebook Live or Instagram? The GoLivecast is perfect for upgrading your Livestreaming capabilities with your smartphone or tablet.
Simply plug it into your device and gain hands-on control over your camera, sound effects, video effects, external microphones, and more. You can even plug in microphones, keyboards, guitars or other instruments into the combo XLR/TRS input if you are performing for a livestream.

Rent the GoLivecast for your next livestream for only $10/weekend or $18/month!
Roland VR-1HD 4 Channel Video Mixer with FX 

Roland VR-1HD

The Vr-1HD is a powerful video mixer that packs the power of a full production studio in one compact unit.

If you are wanting to livestream with multiple sources with 3 HDMI inputs! The VR-1HD can automatically switch video feeds based on which video source is providing audio, or on the tempo of music, or rate of time. Need a close-up? The VR-1HD allows screen in screen splits and on-board video processing to allow multiple shots on a single video feed.

The VR-1HD also features great audio mixing including automatic audio mixing functions with built-in 
EQ, gates, and compression to balance out changes in tone/volume. You can even mix embedded audio with line inputs and two studio-grade XLR mic inputs - so you have 7 total audio inputs including sound from video sources
Rent the Vr-1HD to Broadcast your Pro Livestream for $42/weekend or $93/month
Roland VR4hd 

Roland VR-4hd

Want to broadcast a high quality HD stream with up to 4 shots and video FX integrated live?
Check out the Roland VR-4hd!

The VR-4HD is a complete HD studio in a compact and portable package that replaces several different pieces of complex A/ V equipment. Designed with single-person operation in mind, the VR-4HD enables easy switching and mixing of sound and video using advanced video and audio Digital Signal Processing (DSP) along with dedicated hardware controls faders, buttons and touch screen interface. It beautifully integrates a digital audio mixer, video switcher, multi-viewer touch screen and USB video/audio streaming interface into a stand-alone device. This portable live HD production solution is ideal for schools, churches, council meetings, corporate events, sports, training sessions, or any other live event.

Rent the Roland VR-4hd for $75/weekend or $166/month

3. Microphones

If you livestreaming performances or interviews, having a quality microphone to capture audio can make a big difference!

Here are 3 rock-solid microphones for livestreaming, all of which are compatible with the video mixers listed above.


Microphones for Livestreaming:

Shure SM48s microphone 

Shure SM48S Dynamic Mic

The Shure SM48S is a great option for any application! Whether you are livestreaming a performance, an interview or just a vlog, the Shure SM48S will give you consistent quality. With a frequency response tailored for vocals, Shure's dynamic microphones have been a go-to since 1953.

Need to cough or take a break from speaking during your stream? There's a handy on/off switch that will mute the output. This can be a great tool, so you can edit what audio is heard by your audience in real time! It is extremely durable due to it’s quality all metal construction and it’s integrated pop filter can handle anything from loud screaming to a whisper.

Add a Shure SM48S to your streaming rig for $4/weekend or $8/month
RODE Podmic 

RODE Podmic

Looking for big value at a small price-tag? The Podmic boasts broadcast quality at a seriously competitive price!

It is extremely durable due to it’s quality all metal construction and it’s integrated pop filter can handle anything from loud screaming to a whisper. It was designed specifically for podcasters, which makes it a great option for any type of broadcasting, including your livestream

Rent the Podmic for only $5/weekend or $11/month!

RODE NT1 Condenser Microphone

The RODE NT1 is a great option for live-streaming performance or speech! Unlike many condenser microphones, it is incredibly good at handling noise. This makes it one of the best studio streaming microphones as it is very quiet yet with a great amount of sensitivity to capture great detail in your voice. You could use it for clear and clean speech, or as a room microphone that could pickup multiple performers at once.

The NT1 is capable of delivering the required extended dynamic range with clarity, and we recommend it for many applications.

Rent the RODE NT-1 for only $8/weekend or $16/month

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Guide by William Glosup • February 15th 2021

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